06jul201913FeaturedSouth Pacific JungleType:Expedition8 days1785 USD

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This is our most challenging trip, open only to experienced trail runners

Similar route as our January event in CR, this is even more challenging since we would be at the beginning of rain season, sunny in the morning, rain at night, and a lot of mud.
Starting from the Cerro de la Muerte at 3500m (The Mountain of the Death) and making our way to the Pacific Ocean, by the densest and remote Costa Rican jungle turning then south by the coast towards Corcovado.

6500m elevation lost and 3500 m elevation gain in the first 100 km, a total of 190km of extremely technical trails

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  • Accomodations

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9 /9

7 h *

*average per day including stops

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8 days - 8 nights - 6 running days


1785 USD

Event type

3. Expeditions

Run hours/day

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