Presenting RTWA Tribe

RTWA Tribe?

Run The World Adventures Tribe is a family of adventure runners or which is the same everyone who had ever taken part in one our adventures in Costa Rica, Morocco or Catalonia (Running Costa Brava).

Adventure runners

Back in 2011 when we started our company I began to realize something, those joining us were somehow connected, we were connected to a degree I only started to understand after our runs in Costa Rica and Morocco, we click, we share a drive for exploration, some “Tarannà ” like we say in Girona.

That’s why I believe we need a name, I name to glue us, to keep that connection, RTWA Tribe is the name of our family.
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Getting us back together

This is how we are going to do it.

Private Facebook group:

Join the group:

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Monthly newsletter:

Remember you can only subscribe if you’ve run one adventure with us.

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You can get a 100 USD discount, learn how:

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T-shirts: One per each adventure, one for RTWA Tribe

We will have some designs soon, and you will choose

What ever you what to ask to this list

Anything really, ;)

We are desperate to hear your ideas

This is a story to be written, let us know what you are up to.

Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo and Cristina are the owner and founders of Run The World Adventures Pablo is also a former professional triathlete.
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