I am a lucky pal, my hobby is my job

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I am a lucky pal, my hobby is my job

I am a lucky pal, my hobby is my job, how did this happen is part of another story, but at this point in my life making my dreams come true is how I make a living.

This is what I dream about, connecting remote places by running, embracing what ever hints the journey presents, with no schedule neither expectations.

What if I could …?

I’m driving by the Cerro de la Muerte in Costa Rica (Mountain of the Death) 3400m elevation and think, what if I could run from here to the Pacific, 100 km by jungle trails and then turn South all the way to Corcovado National Park another 130 km away ,who would I meet? How would it look like? Is it possible?

I’m in Prades, France, the Canigo mountain stands in south like a giant welcoming me to her Pyrenees kingdom. What if my legs could take me from there  to my friend Quico’s hut in Cala S’Alguer in the Catalan Mediterranean coast 230 km away? should I visit Nuria or run straight south to Beget? Who would I meet? How would it look like? Is it possible?

I’m in Ait Ben Haddou, in Morocco, taking a picture of my kids crossing a bridge and I notice the Atlas Mountains behind the Kasbah. I start dreaming again, crossing those mountains from the North and run all the way to Sahara Desert, who am I going to meet? How is it going to look like? Is it possible?

Answering those questions is what drive’s every time I go for a run.

And this is my job because…

We share this with other runners, we look for those who’s the sole idea of traversing those places by running make them tremble with emotion, finding those people is one of the hardest tasks since these kind of projects are obviously not for everyone not only because it require certain level of fitness or  skill but also because we do it in a way where there’s no other reward than the journey itself, no place for egos, medals or prizes other than a good story.

We are looking for good, easy going, people with badass attitude to do things that are very well prepared but





I’m not the only one dreaming about this stuff ?

For the last 6 years we’ve been leading running adventures by the Mediterranean, Pyreenes and since 2 years ago Costa Rica,


Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo and Cristina are the owner and founders of Running Costa Brava. Pablo is also a former professional triathlete.
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