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We are runners, completely in love with our only super power, been able to get to places with our own bodies, we are also locals that know our trails because we\’ve been running them since we were kids.
We got together because we share a common believe that running is not a sport but a simple mean of transportation, the most efficient one for a human who wants to see what is at the other side of the mountain.

Run the World Adventures is our effort to spread this idea, that there is no better way to know a place that using your two legs, we\’re opening a secret door towards discovery an exploration.

  • Pablo Rodriguez
    Pablo RodriguezRunning Guide

    Also know as the mountain goat, is former professional triathlete who has turned his passion for running into his job, in 2011 we founded Running Costa Brava and later Run The World Adventures in an effort to take running back to it’s origins, as he would say turn it back into a mean of transportation.

  • Cristina Moret
    Cristina MoretBookings

    Cristina is the brain behind the scenes, she’s the one making sure we got place to sleep and meal to eat after our runs. She also will be the person you’ll be talking to before the arrival to Costa Rica. 

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio SanchezRunning Guide

    Co-race director at Coastal Challenge for the last 10 years, Sergio Sanchez had organized adventure events in multiple locations all over Latin America, he’s known to be the best expert in the area and a former adventure racer.Sergio is also responsible for the organization all the X-Terra events in Costa Rica and other triathlon events in the area.

  • Siddhar Soto
    Siddhar SotoSupport Specialist

    Siddhar, also known as everyone best friend is our safety net, he’ll make sure we have everything needed to keep us going, he set ups the assistant points and is ready to execute a rescue if needed. Siddar is been working with Sergio on events organizations for the last 6 years.

    • Abdu Oukioud
      Abdu OukioudRunning Guide

      Abdu got he’s entry in Mountain Guides school by winning the Toubkal Marathon years ago, since then he’s been leading expeditions in every corner of Morocco, a former professional athlete himself is by far the most qualified person to follow in our Moroccan adventures.


    Just like any other vacation, select the destination that calls to you, the activities that thrill you and the duration that will challenge and exhilarate you. Our running vacations take you to places that aren’t in the guidebooks and that you can only reach by foot.

     Since our trips are not competitive, there’s no pressure to run fast or rush through the terrain or meet a certain time cutoff. All of our guides are highly experienced and make your comfort and safety their number one priority.

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