Travel by running

Know it, feel it, run through it!

Since 2011

Why you’ll love a running vacation

You'll feel liberated

The freedom of traveling by running makes you feel more alive.

You'll get in shape

Running vacations are a completely natural and harmonious way to stay fit and healthy.

You'll be a local

We really know our trails, we are locals, and we’ll make you feel like one too.

You'll see beautiful places

Get off the beaten path and see places that you couldn’t without running.

Our values

We do what we love and then try to find thoses like us.

Local people in 3 different sites of the world got together to create the best running vacations, adventures and expeditions.

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We are about traveling by foot. Our goal is to get running back to its origins as a means of discovery.

We believe running is the most human way to get to know a place and its people, we are locals.

We feel an inmense amount of respect for the people that live in the jungles, beaches, mountains and deserts we run by, we believe those joining these adventures most have eyes to see and learn, this is not tourism.

We believe that running is nothing more than a humble mean of transportation.

If the bar is open we have a beer, if there’s a waterfall we go for a swim.


More than running

This is sometimes a time travel machine.

Ready for an ultimate and unforgettable experience?


Just like any other vacation, select the destination that calls to you, the activities that thrill you and the duration that will challenge and exhilarate you. Our running vacations take you to places that aren’t in the guidebooks and that you can only reach by foot. Since our trips are not competitive, there’s no pressure to run fast or rush through the terrain or meet a certain time cutoff. All of our guides are highly experienced and make your comfort and safety their number one priority.

Run the World Adventures is committed to making your vacations  as easy and carefree as possible. From booking to trip planning, we look after the logistics so that you don’t have to. Your only job is to show upready to run! Want to meet other runners an experience foreign cultures ? Our small groups include runners from all other the world, who quickly gel with one another after a day on the trails together. Not only that, but local guides, village residents and lodging hosts are welcoming and eager to share their local traditions and food.

Each vacation, which you can book privately or join a small group, showcases a region’s most beautiful and unique aspects. Some trips may be customized to match your ability level or ideal balance between time spent running versus exploring the destinations and culture along the way.

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